About Us

Since 1866, the Morrow name has been synonymous with fine candy and fresh roasted nuts.

Rose Morrow’s parents, Peleg and Elizabeth, were taught candy-making by a wounded Confederate soldier, in gratitude to the young Yankee couple for taking him in and nursing him back to health. When Rose was left on her own with six children to raise in 1904, she did so the only way she knew how – making and selling sumptuous candies from the finest ingredients and nuts she roasted herself.

As the older children left the nest, Rose began to travel with her two youngest, Bill and Howard, plying her trade. Before long, it was just Rose and her little Howard, nicknamed Spud, making and selling candy, fudge and brittles in storefronts from town to town.

During the summers, Rose and Spud criss-crossed the country offering their freshly-made sweets and nuts at local, county and state fairs.

In 1926, when Spud was 25, he and his two older brothers introduced their products at the Sesquicentennial Exposition in Philadelphia and on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

That same summer, Spud decided to try opening a shop specializing in just nuts, the Jungle Nut Shop, on the Boardwalk. Everyone told him it couldn’t succeed, but with the sea breezes carrying the delicious smell of roasting nuts across the Boardwalk, people were soon clambering for Morrow’s Nuts. Morrow’s Nut House was born!

From that time on, the Morrow brand recognition increased as customer’s enjoyed Morrow’s fresh, high quality products. Eventually, Spud turned the enterprise over to his son, Howard Jr., who grew the business to over 230 stores across the country, including major cities from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles.

Today, there is a new chapter in the Morrows story. Morrows fine candies and fresh roasted nuts are now available to order online in beautiful gift tins, trays, gift boxes and baskets, customized to treat everyone on your list, for any occasion – including yourself!